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Grocery assessment for diabetes that’s accurate and science-based

grocery assessment for diabetes

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Helthy’s recommendations are vetted by a registered dietitian and based on clinical and scientific research. Using FDA label requirements, we analyzed 1000s of products—

so you don’t have to—and separated healthier from less healthy products.

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Save time grocery shopping for healthier foods

When you sign up with Helthy, grocery shopping will no longer be a time-consuming chore. We built a browser extension that instantly identifies products with nutritional pitfalls, while you shop. Best of all, our tool works with most online grocery stores, including Walmart, Krogers, Whole Foods, Amazon, Instacart and more.

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Clarity is confidence

Nutritional information and food labels can be confusing and hard to navigate. Our streamlined technology provides a clear explanation behind each recommendation. Helthy gives you the information you need to know so you can shop with confidence.

Find healthier foods that match your lifestyle

Diabetes shouldn’t limit you to the same routine. Start exploring the grocery store knowing Helthy provides the best food guidance.

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About Helthy

At Helthy, we believe grocery shopping for better, healthier foods should be easy. That’s why we created technology, based on nutritional guidelines and science, to help you find better grocery products online. Shop smarter and eat better with Helthy.

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